Join Us for Delaware Days, September 23-24

The events will begin on Friday evening with a potluck dinner at 6:30, the Cultural Preservation committee will furnish hotdogs and chili, so bring things to go with that, then a Stomp Dance with Social Dance songs. In the late afternoon on Saturday there will be presentations to two tribal members – the elder of the year and the honored veteran which will be chosen by the committees (Elders and Veterans).

Other Saturday activities planned are a bow shoot and atlatl demo. Lenapeowsi has had children activities in the past. Check back here for updates regarding children’s activities.

On Saturday at 6:30 there will be a potluck supper at which the Culture Committee will supply the meat. Everyone else should bring a dish to share for a great meal. Then there will be a Stomp Dance with Social Dance songs, and we will dance as long as everyone wants. Please come join the fun and fellowship!