Housing Applicants Must Re-Certify to Remain on Waiting List

To all Delaware Tribe Housing Applicants: On 2/16/16, the Delaware Tribal Council approved Resolution 2016-18; authorize and approve that all applicants are to re-certify every six (6) months to remain on the waiting list, for any and all housing programs administered by the Delaware Tribe Housing Department (DTHD). Thereby, all housing applicants will now be required to re-certify every 6 months to verify: 1) your need still exist for assistance 2) you must verify your eligibility, 3) if we receive no response or you are no longer eligible, your position . . on the waiting list will be removed.

Upon our request for verification documents, we must receive your documents within fourteen (14) calendar days of the post date of our post card.

For all new applicants; upon the submission of your housing assistance application; all required documents should be provided to DTHD when the application is submitted. Should you not have all your required documents, DTHD will retain your incomplete application for fourteen (14) calendar days, thereupon if your application is not completed within the fourteen (14) calendar days, your application and documents will be removed and discarded.