Chief, Assistant Chief, and Trust Board Chairman

Chief Paula Pechonick

  • Paula Pechonick is currently Chief of our great Delaware Tribe of Indians! Paula started as a volunteer at the headquarters and attended every Tribal meeting. She has served on the Tribal Council for fifteen years and the Trust Board for eight years. Paula was a Judge for the Tribal Court, a term of four years, her experience and knowledge of Tribal government and politics is extensive. Paula has served in all of her positions, unpaid and not compensated, including the Culture Preservation Committee for twenty years.Paula was on the gift shop committee and carried the gift shop on many out of state trips to promote the gift shop and our great Delaware Tribe of Indians. She is and has been on the Elder Committee for eight years. Paula has served on the NAGPRA Committee since it was brand new back in the ’90s. She traveled many miles and attended countless meetings to repatriate our ancestors and their possessions. This has worked into our newly established Historical Preservation Office and hiring an archaeologist to help in our reclamation battle.In addition, Paula has been an active member of the Bartlesville Indian Women’s Club for twenty-six years. Paula is a member of Bartlesville Women’s Club Board and has been for many years.

    Paula was educated at Dewey High School, completed Commercial Art School in Wichita, Kansas and has furthered her education by taking many college hours.Her mother was a Delaware Indian and her Father had part Omaha blood. Paula was born north of Dewey on her Delaware Grandmother’s allotment, was brought up in the Delaware way and always knew she was Delaware. Her heritage traces back to the Sarcoxie and Bullett families. Most of Paula’s adulthood has been spent being a wife, mother, and grandmother to her four children (sons Martin and Beau Watt, daughters Dr. Kimberly Moore and Jenifer Pechonick), seven grandchildren and a two-year-old great-grandson!

    Paula is one of the most accomplished artisans in the Delaware Tribe and is widely known for her moccasins, bead work, ribbon work, traditional clothing and has many items on display in museums around the country.

Assistant Chief Chet Brooks (Acting Trust Board Chairman)

  • Assistant Chief Chet Brooks began serving the Delaware Tribe when he became a Housing Commissioner in 1983. He served on the Housing Authority of Delaware Tribe for nine years ending in 1992. He campaigned for, assisted in the election and fully supported four of our last five Chief’s Administrations since 1994. He was elected to Delaware Tribal Council in 2008 and was elected Secretary of Delaware Trust Board in 2009. In addition to being Assistant Chief he has served on Economic Development, Cultural Preservation and Land Management Committees. He is currently Chairman of Cultural Preservation Committee.Chet’s proudest moments in his 28 years of service to our Tribe were our restoration to Federal Recognition in both 1996 and 2009. He is also glad to have been instrumental in bringing approximately $2,000,000 of Oklahoma fuel tax payments to our Tribe since 1999. He was also instrumental in bringing our Tribe approximately $800,000 in payments from economic business developers since 2003.Chet is from Bartlesville, OK and graduated from College High School in 1961. He attained a forestry and wood products degree from Oklahoma State University in 1966, worked for the US Forest Service four years in Northern California, four years at Southern Pine Association, New Orleans, La, and four years at Koppers Company, Pittsburgh, PA. Chet was also Exec. Vice President of a Washington, DC wood treating trade association for two years and a lumber broker for three years. In 1983 Chet became involved in Indian Smokeshop Tobacco sales and did that for 19 years.

    Chet firmly believes that the future of our great Tribe rests in our economic development efforts which can provide more and better services to our Elders and Youth. All Tribal Members are invited to correspond with him at or home telephone 918-331-9786 or cell 918-397-1161.