Veterans Committee

Attention Lenape Veterans! The Delaware Tribe of Indians Veterans Committee was officially formed on Feb 26, 2014. Officers are:

Chair – Kenny Brown
Vice Chair – Homer Scott
Secretary/Treasurer – John Sumpter (temporarily until filled)
Lenape Color Guard Unit Leader – John Sumpter

Meetings are held monthly. We encourage all our Veterans to attend.


The Veterans Wall of Honor was recently unveiled and we are seeking additional pictures. If your picture or the picture of an ancestor isn’t on display, and you would like it to be, bring it to the Delaware War Mothers. They will get a copy made for the wall and get the original back to you. The copy becomes the Tribe’s property for permanent display.

The color guard has been active for some time now and has represented the tribe at various pow-wows around the area, usually starting with the Copan Delaware Pow-wow. We have been honored to help with the burial of a couple of our tribal veterans when they made their journey and the color guard has been requested to represent the tribe at a grand opening of a new Super Wal-mart in Catoosa, OK later this month. The color guard is looking to expand its membership so that we can ultimately have a full burial detail along with the color guard for our tribal veterans that pass on.

We Need Your Help!

The committee is looking for active members to attend meetings and participate in the various programs that we are going to put into place. The proposed programs will not only benefit our tribal members, but will also be open for all veterans in our area. The Veterans Committee and color guard is not only open to tribal veterans but open to spouses of tribal members. Gender is not an issue. A veteran is a veteran. The color guard is proud to have its first female member in Sarah Boyd, who served with the U.S. Army. Susan Cade served with the U.S. Air Force and is the committee’s Secretary /Treasurer.

The Committee plans auctions throughout the year. Check here for details. We are looking for donations of items for auction and donations of money. Please contact Homer Scott at 918-332-8020 or John W. Sumpter at 918-766-5592 to make arrangements for any auction donations. For those out of state that wish to donate money to the committee, please send your donations addressed to John W. Sumpter / Homer Scott at the Tribal HQ (5100 Tuxedo Blvd, Bartlesville OK 74006). Checks or money orders should be made out to the Delaware Tribal Veterans Committee.

The Lenape Veterans Color Guard is looking for additional members. For more information email John Sumpter ( or Kenny Brown (

The Veterans Committee will be gathering information on activities and events of interest to Veterans. We will also catalog organizations and resources that help meet the needs of Veterans. Pray for your Veterans.