Delaware Tribe NAGPRA Summit

Note: The first Delaware Tribe NAGRPA Summit was held on Friday, May 27, 2011, at the Delaware Community Center, Bartlesville, OK. We wish to thank our presenters for a wonderful event.

Delaware Burial Practices in the Archaeological Record
May 27, 2011

It has become common practice for museums with Delaware human remains and funerary objects to identify items recovered from the surface or fill of a grave as non-funerary objects. However, during a recently completed repatriation, representatives from the three Delaware descended tribes explained that from our own experiences at contemporary funerals that some surface or grave fill items may have been intentionally placed with the deceased as part of the events surrounding the death rite however we lacked the research to support our claims. This year’s Delaware Tribe NAGPRA Summit will present archaeological research and contemporary experiences in an effort to consider ways that may allow us to collaboratively identify the archaeological signature of Delaware burial practices in the archaeological record.

Program Schedule

Thursday, May 26
6:00pmFamily Night (Delaware Powwow Grounds)
Friday, May 27
10:00-10:30amOpening Prayer and Welcome
10:30-11:15amEric Hollinger, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
“Overview of Delaware Repatriations from the Delaware Water Gap Region”
11:15–12:00pmJames Jackson, Delaware Tribe of Indians
“Delaware Burial Customs”
12:00-1:00pmLunch (Provided)
1:00-1:45pmDustin Cushman, Temple University
“Tokens Of Love: The Use Of Burial Ritual In Reinforcing Delaware Identity and Community”
1:45-2:15pmBreak (Refreshments Provided)
2:15-3:00pmTitus Frenchman, Delaware Tribe of Indians
“Delaware Burial Customs”
3:00-3:45pmJay Custer, University of Delaware
“Rethinking Pit Features and Grave Offerings from the Delmarva Peninsula”
3:45-4:30pmQuestions and Discussion
4:30pmClosing Prayer
8:00pmGrand Entry, Delaware Powwow (Delaware Powwow Grounds)