FY2012 NAGPRA Documentation Grant

Grant Number 40-12-GP-566
July 1, 2012-July 31, 2014

This grant is designed to further consultations and research that will lead to the comprehensive listing of all of the Notice of Inventory Completions for all of the human remains and funerary objects from two significant Delaware burial sites: the Abbott Farm Complex and the Chambers Site. With support from a FY 2010 Documentation Grant, we consulted with the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology on their Abbott Farm collection and with the State Museum of Pennsylvania on their Chambers Site collection. During these consultations we learned that at least four other museums also hold collections from the Abbott Farm Complex and the Chambers Site.

However, we have not had an opportunity to consult with the four additional museums and each museum is at different stages in their documentation process.

This grant will allow us to consult with the New Jersey State Museum, the Field Museum of Natural History and the American Museum of Natural History on their collections from the Abbott Farm Complex and with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History on their collection from the Chambers Site. While we will also consult with each museum on their other collections, our grant supported consultations will focus on work that will lead to a NAGPRA inventory for the Chambers Site, a cultural affiliation study for both sites and the publication of four Notices of Inventory Completion; one from each of the additional museums. We will also document the treatment histories of the collections in preparation for a repatriation of both sites.

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