FY2004 NAGPRA Repatriation Grant

Grant Number 40-10-GP-62R
October 1, 2003-June 30, 2004

This grant was originally intended to pursue repatriation work with the State Museum of Pennsylvania. The work was prematurely ended with the Delaware Tribe’s loss of federal recognition in 2004, and the work was re-started with the FY2010 Documentation Grant.

The objectives of this repatriation grant were as follows:

1. For representatives from the Delaware Tribe to travel to the State Museum of Pennsylvania to consult with the Museum Director. Issues to discuss include the proper treatment of the human remains, the process of deaccessioning the collection and establish a time-line for repatriation to the Delaware Tribe.

2. For representatives to consult with representatives from the Delaware Nation to ensure that they are also made party to this repatriation. The Delaware Tribe will not move forward with any repatriation without the informed consent and cooperation from the Delaware Nation.

3. For representatives from the Delaware Tribe to travel to Pennsylvania to meet with local, state and federal officials and/or private landowners to negotiate and select an agreeable spot for the reburial. There are certain stipulations for reburial locations in the Delaware NAGPRA policy and every effort will be made to follow this policy while recognizing the constraints and limits on possible reburial locations.

4. For the NAGPRA Director to develop and draft a Notice of Intent to Repatriate in the Federal Register.

5. For representatives of the Delaware Tribe to travel to the reburial location in order to provide a proper reburial ceremony. The Delaware have their own burial practices and it is necessary to follow the traditional customs under the supervision and guidance of the elders.

6. To construct an appropriate container and provide for the transport and the costs of the reburial ceremony.

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