FY2000 NAGPRA Documentation Grant

Grant No 40-00-GP-232
June 1, 2000-July 31, 2003 (2 extensions)

This grant, the first Delaware Tribe NAGPRA grant to be funded, was conducted under the direction of then-NAGPRA Director James Rementer, NAGPRA Committee Chairperson Paula Pechonick, and committee members Don Wilson, Jack Tatum, John Sumpter, and Mike Pace.

The approved Summary of Objectives and Results to be performed with this grant award is as follows:

a) Assess and evaluate information contained in summaries, inventories, and other documentation provided by museums and Federal agencies, conduct further research as necessary for documentation, and prioritize visits to museums and Federal agencies.

b) Arrange visits to at least six selected museums/ agencies (not to include components of the Smithsonian Institution) to examine collections, gather information, and consult with museum staff. With the consent of the tribal elders, cultural objects will be photographed to provide documentation for tribal members unable to attend.

c) Interview elders, traditional leaders, and other knowledgeable people to gain information on the identification, proper treatment and disposition of Lenape human remains and cultural objects.

d) Design a database for the object documentation and cultural affiliation information provided by museums and acquired through museum visits, additional research and interviews.

e) Develop guidelines, using NAGPRA definitions, to help determine Lenape objects that fit the NAGPRA categories of funerary and sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony.

f) Develop a tribal policy for the care, treatment and disposition of Lenape human remains and cultural objects.

g) Share information throughout the project with the Delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma.

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