Delaware Tribe Community Services

Changes in Community Services Programs!

Delaware Tribe Community Services has again opened up most of their programs with some new changes. These include some changed ceilings, so check the list below carefully. Other changes include limiting requests to two applications per fiscal year. We hope that this will let us stretch out the money so that we are able to assist more of our Delaware Tribal members. It is the intention of the Community Services Committee to assist all eligible Tribal members who are in financial need,. Some measures have been initiated regarding income eligibility and steps are being taken to update the existing applications to reflect those impending changes.

Contact: Sheridan Pickering, Coordinator 918-337-6575 or email (


General Guidelines

Apply to all Community Services Programs (unless otherwise stated within a program description)

  1. All registered Delaware Tribal members are eligible to apply for assistance to any Tribal Program for which they qualify.
  2. Non-tribal members are not eligible for services.
  3. Only one request per program is allowed per calendar year, with a two program limit per tribal member / per year.
  4. A completed application must be submitted and signed for each program request. If more than one family member is applying for assistance, an application for each must be submitted.
  5. All payments are made to the vendor or service provider.
  6. All applications must include a copy of the bill, receipt or estimate of cost.
  7. All programs are based on funding availability.
  8. Include a short statement about situation for which assistance is requested.
  9. Provide completed income verification form and documented proof of income.


PLEASE NOTE: The Community Services Committee has adopted income guidelines for all assistance programs with the exception of Burial Assistance. The income guidelines went into effect on January 1, 2014. The Guidelines are based on the guidelines used by the Delaware Tribe Housing Program, and are intended to insure that these services remain available to those in need.

Student Optical Assistance:
Assistance to students enrolled in grades K-12, colleges, universities or vocational technology schools. Funds can be designated to pay for glasses, contacts, physician visits or related costs. Each request may not exceed $200. Student, parent/guardian must complete an application requesting assistance. Approval of application must be obtained prior to payment for services. Funds can be designated to pay for glasses, contacts, physician visits or related costs. One request per calendar year, not to exceed $200. Payment for services will be made to the vendor.

» Student Optical Assistance Application (PDF)

Burial Program:
Burial assistance for Delaware tribal members. The family may apply for up to $750. The funds may be applied to expenses as is most beneficial to the family (i.e., funeral services, meals, wake, grave marker etc.). Documentation must be provided, including death certificate. Payment will be made as designated by the immediate family.

» Burial Program Application (PDF)

Rental Assistance:
Assistance in emergency situations on a one-month, one-time, once-a-year basis. Amount of assistance that can be approved is limited up to $240. Eviction notice and/or other documentation must be submitted with the application. Approval of application must be obtained prior to payment. The Tribal member’s name must be on the rental/lease contract. Payment will be made to the landlord.

» Rental Assistance Application (PDF)

Dental Assistance:
Assistance for dental services up to $300. Services may include tooth repair, dental fillings, dentures or emergency services. Routine dental exams or cleaning are not covered. Payment for services will be made to the vendor.

» Dental Assistance Application (PDF)

Medical Assistance:
Assistance to pay medical bills, including but not limited to medical equipment (purchase or rental), home health care, pharmacy, etc. not to exceed $200. Payment for services will be made to the vendor.

» Medical Assistance Application (PDF)

Emergency Travel:
Medical transportation services for Delaware tribal members to include, but not limited to, health transportation costs, assistance and/or other related costs. One-time assistance not to exceed $200. Emergency travel designated as personal health, physician’s statement of need must be submitted, death of family member (parent, brother, sister or grandparent), death certificate or obituary must be submitted prior to approval.

» Emergency Travel Application (PDF)

Hospital Equipment Assistance:
Assistance with hospital equipment for Delaware tribal members who are hospitalized during the year and some costs of hospital equipment is not paid by third parties. Funds will be used to pay for hospital equipment, which may include rentals, small equipment purchases or related costs up to $240.

» Hospital Equipment Assistance Application (PDF)

Emergency Assistance:
Emergency assistance to Delaware tribal members. Funds are to be used for emergency situations. Assistance includes, but is not limited to, groceries or related assistance. Applicants must utilize all other community resources prior to application. Funds are allocated up to $240 and will be disbursed as determined by the Community Service Committee on a case-by-case basis.

» Emergency Assistance Application (PDF)

Elders Program, Optical Assistance:
Assistance for optical services to elders age 60 and over. Funds may be used for services, including glasses, physician’s visits or related costs up to $200 annually. Payment for services will be made to the vendor.

» Elder Optical Assistance Application (PDF)

Elders Program, Prescription Medication Assistance:
Prescription medication assistance to Delaware elders age 60 and over for pharmacy and related cost. Elders may receive assistance not to exceed $1,080 per calendar year. Elders may apply more than once per calendar year until $900 is reached. Funds may be disbursed to vendors on a monthly basis not to exceed $75 per month for long term recurring medication. Elders must include a statement from the pharmacy showing the continuing service. This addresses Elders who have an ongoing monthly pharmacy bill and must renew application annually.

» Elder Prescription Medication Assistance Application (PDF)

» Community Service Income Verification Form (PDF)