Election 2016–Important Correction to October 2016 Delaware Indian News

We regret to announce an omission error in the latest DIN. Councilwoman Annette Ketchum’s candidacy and Q&A; Councilwoman Michelle Holley’s Q&As; and the candidate’s statements for Jenifer Pechonick and Paula Pechonick were inadvertently omitted. These items were missed in our cross editing and final draft looks. We worked exceptionally close to our submission deadline to get the DIN out and admittedly made a major mistake. We offer our most sincere apologies to all four candidates. In no way do we wish to hinder anyone’s message. We wish each candidate the very best in the upcoming election. Please take the time to read over her articles attached below. We know they appreciate your consideration.

All of these submissions will be included in the online version of the DIN.

Delaware Indian Newspaper
Editorial Committee

Candidate’s Statement
Annette Ketchum

October 2016 DIN – CANDIDATE LETTER TO VOTERS From Annette Ketchum.

This has been an interesting four years in office, as I have served in two administrations, under two chiefs. It has been an experience that I can only hope has prepared me for the next four years for which I am asking you to support me, as you have supported me in the past.

The Delaware citizens were put through thirty years of on again, off again losing and gaining federal recognition. We have been through term after term of chiefs, through lawsuit after lawsuit of court cases. As a tribal government we must again have leadership. We must gain again the respect of others who are watching us. As your councilwoman, I have tried to stand up for honestly and goodwill. I have tried to follow the Constitution and hold it up as the final authority.

The Delaware Tribe has not had a General Council meeting for about nine years. It is difficult for the Tribal Council to know what the General Council would like to have enacted when there is no vote of the people. The citizens do not come and give input. Granted, everyone is not going to agree on everything; however if reasonable straight forward issues are put on the floor, reasonable people will vote and the Tribal Council will be obliged to follow. I would like to see a 100-voter quorum in attendance at General Council in November.

For those who do not know me, I was born and raised on my grandmother’s allotment. My grandmother delivered me into the world and she was in my life as long as she lived. She taught in the way those old Delaware grandmother’s teach. I attended school in Dewey, OK; went on to college at OSU and KU; married, have two daughters, five grandchildren, two great-great grandchildren. My husband is Chief Dee Ketchum, who spent many years serving the Delaware. We both are presenters of the Delaware culture and have been involved in the Culture Preservation Program since the Trust Funds became available to fund this tribal program. That was 1989-90.

Many years of my life were spent raising our daughters and participating in their activities to instill a sense of worth in their lives. Raising children requires attention, training, discipline, and prayer. After they were in college, I began applying my knowledge from college classes to Interior Decorating. It was hard work, and I spent five years doing it before we returned to Bartlesville from Texas. I began doing volunteer work at the Tribe, including the Delaware Indian News, which I worked with for over 20 years. I serve actively on the Culture Preservation Committee. I did not run for elected office until 2006 and won a seat on the Tribal Council. My second term in office is 2012 to present and hold the Office of Secretary.

In the Community, I am a member of the Bartlesville Indian Women’s Club, serve on the board of the Bartlesville Area History Museum, worked for 25 years on Indian Summer committees, substitute teaching, and school programs to promote the Delaware Tribe. I am a member of First Baptist Church and love the Lord.

Since I enjoy good health, freedom from child rearing, live in Bartlesville, and do not have another full time job, I have adequate time to spend on service to our Tribe. I have my priorities straight and ask you to support me as your Councilwoman in 2016-2020. I will perform as best of my ability to uphold our Constitution, concentrate on the important matters, let the staff do its job, let the citizens of our Tribes have a voice, and make a future for this Delaware Tribe of Indians.

Thank you for your vote and God bless you, Annette 918-333-8865 or Annie to you young voters!

Candidate’s Statement
Jenifer Pechonick

Vote for Jenifer Pechonick for Tribal Council 2016 Election

He’! Kulamàlsi hàch? (Hi! How are you?) Ntëluwènsi (My name is) Jenifer Pechonick. I am the daughter of Paula and the late Joe Pechonick, and the successor to a long line of strong Delaware women who came before me…Violet Woody Martin, Minnie Willits, Josie Bullet Elkhair, Mary Brown, Jane Sarcoxie. I ask for your vote in the November 2016 General Election.

I graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State with my BA in Communications. I also have my AA in Early Childhood Development and began the online Master’s Program at University of Colorado at Denver in Public Administration. I have worked in Human Relations, Public Relations, Oil and gas, Insurance and am a small business owner. As a self-employed consultant, my schedule is flexible to dedicate time to what I love, our Delaware People, our Lenape People.

I have served on the Tribal Council, Trust Board and a variety of committees. Though I have always been considered “active” in my Tribe, I served on three (3) Tribal Council Administrations over the years since 2002. My passion: the general welfare of our people and our Tribe. The State of the Tribe requires a number of priorities, each of utmost importance. My experience includes the following areas, all crucial to the State of the Tribe:

1.) Federal Funding. Grants, government contracts, BIA monies, and;

2.) Tribal Sovereignty. To be sovereign, we must act sovereign. Treaty rights, state & federal agencies, diversified economic development, Federal law, and;

3.) Intertribal Relations. Conduct ourselves as to be recognized once again as the Grandfather tribe, Partner with other Tribes to better serve all Native Americans, Current issues Indian Country faces, Work with other Tribal leaders for Indian Country, and;

4.) Intratribal relations. Identify Tribal member needs – our youth, our veterans, our elders, and our leaders; Support our leaders, our scholars, and spiritual advisors. Our government must not forget over 80% of our Tribal population lives too far to attend Tribal meetings in person or utilize many Tribal programs. Our Tribal government has duty to maintain current programs (and bring back historic programs!) and find ways to engage those who live outside where the government stuck us in 1867, and;

5.) Culture. Our language, songs, dances, ceremonies, historian, traditional cloths, medicine, the voices of our ancestors, our cemeteries, and;

6.) Seven Generations. We must always evaluate the effects of our actions and inactions on our successors seven generations into the future, and;

7.) Tribal Operations. Maintain, oversee and grow current tribal operations. Hire Delaware People and treat employees right. Also, Tribal government must be able to depend that Tribal employees are in an environment in which they feel safe to seek help to resolve issues. Further, Tribal members have a right to be treated with respect and find helpful positive employees when they come to the Tribe for assistance, and;

8.) Life after the 1866 Treaty and the 1867 Articles of Agreement. Our complicated but very real “relationship” and all that entails with the Cherokee Nation, our treaty rights as Cherokee citizens as well as our duty and right to maintain our unique and sovereign Tribe, and;

This year, make your voice heard. Support candidates like myself, Paula Pechonick and Annette Ketchum who value communication, honesty, accountability, are open to new ideas and eager to work together to solve tough issues that face us as a People, I know a way we can change the direction the Tribe is headed.

I humbly ask for your vote for me in the 2016 General Council. Together, we can turn our Tribe back on the good path and one day again be known as the Grandfather Tribe. Request your absentee ballot or verify your ballot us is among those which will be automatically sent. Mark your vote on your ballot and send it in before November 5th. I pray for our Election Board to strictly enforce the regulations as written to guard our elections and thus the results from fraud.

Wanishi! Jenifer Pechonick

Candidate’s Statement
Paula Pechonick

I am Paula Pechonick. I ask for your vote for Tribal Council in the 2016 General Election of our People.

I was raised on my grandmother’s allotment in Oklahoma and learned traditional ways from her. I have served the Tribe in nearly every capacity since I became involved in the government over 30 years ago. I started as a volunteer at the headquarters and attended nearly every Tribal meeting. I believe it is important to learn about how the Tribal Council and Tribal government works by attending meetings and serving on committees if you are think you are interested in an elected position. Elected offices include: Tribal Council – 4 terms (serving as Chief for 1 term), Trust Board – 2 terms, Tribal Court Justice – 1 term; about three decades on Cultural Preservation Committee, Gift Shop, NAGPRA and Elder committees and over three decades with the Bartlesville Indian Women’s Club also serving on the Bartlesville Women’s Clubhouse Board.

I bring to the table experience, leadership, and I love our Delaware People. My primary passion is for the General Welfare of the Delaware Tribe of Indians.

My heart hurts to see the discord with the current administration and thus the General Welfare of our People. Focus on and the presence of the pettiness and deceit hurt the Tribe greatly and this carried into the last two years. The time wasted on these power plays and ego shows and lies and more lies for personal gain takes precious time away from authentic mission of the Tribal Council.

But I have some good news! This election offers the opportunity to bring back success and upward momentum to our Tribe. Vote for experience, leadership and the General Welfare in the 2016 General Election. Make your voice count!

Here’s how:

Do not waste time! Make a point to remind your family members how important their vote is. You don’t have to discuss “politics” or the latest negative talk or even fight but take a moment today to make sure your loved ones who may not read this, send in the request for the absentee ballot or verify they will receive theirs automatically.

Follow up with your loved ones to make sure they send back the ballot!

Please, take a moment to make this a priority and encourage your family and Delaware friends to do the same. I hear a lot of people who moved away or whose family moved away generations ago say they don’t vote because they don’t feel like they pay enough attention to what’s going on. As an informed tribal member encourage them to vote!

Hold the Delaware Tribe of Indians 2016 Election Board accountable to stand firm on the existing, approved election rules which are reviewed prior to the election. Changes to the rules, either official or just simply omitted or not enforced, no matter for how right the reason sounds or how small the change and leaves fraud a way to destroy the integrity of the election process and the results. Follow every word of the election rules that have been set by the Tribal Council and the Election Board. To those who serve, please stand firm on the rules, a change that sounds so great proposed? Approve it! But make it effective after the current election.

One item not defined in the Election Regulations is that the Election Process needs TWO post office boxes. The returned completed ballots are not to be disturbed until Saturday, Nov 5. Historically, the ballots go to the same post office box with all other correspondence. This compromises the integrity of the process. The Tribe must acquire a unique PO Box for ballots only. *** Wanishi! Vote for Paula Pechonick, Tribal Council 2016

Candidate Questions and Answers
Annette Ketchum

Q. What is your primary passion within the Delaware Tribe?

A. My passion is Culture. I believe the language, songs, dances, clothing, foods, customs, Culture Bearers and history is what determines we are Delaware. If we do not preserve these, we have no distinction from other races. This means we live in two worlds. We live in the White world, as all minority cultures do, and we preserve our culture for all other cultures to appreciate and remember how our histories intertwine. We need to stop referring to ourselves as “Native American”. Either we refer to ourselves as Delaware or American Indian or in the future the term “Native American” will be what all peoples who have lived in the United States, say since independence from the British, will simply be–native Americans. We respect other races of people, but we do not let anyone forget this is the land of the American Indian.

Q. What expertise or work experience can you bring to the Council table?

A. I bring the unwritten history of our Tribe for the last 60-70 years. We can all read books, listen to others speak, but I have lived the Delaware life for a long time. I have studied the Bible and I know right from wrong. I want to be broad enough in my interests, in my knowledge and in my humility to bring sanity and honesty to the Council table.

Q. In what ways do you feel your particular expertise or experience can make a difference for the Tribe?

A. Elders can either be wise or just old people. I want to be wise; and if insanity and dishonesty are prevailing, it takes wisdom to see it and the law to change it.

Q. What do you feel is working toward a positive direction within the current council’s endeavors?

A. I believe participating with the Working Group for Lawrence, KS, has merit. My hope is that the Tribe will return to our old reservation in Kansas and have jurisdiction [which we do not have in Oklahoma because we are on the Cherokee Nation’s jurisdiction]. Mediocrity will be our future in another tribe’s jurisdiction.

Q. What do you feel needs improvement within a current Council endeavor?

A. We will have to offer leadership and direction to the Lawrence Working Group. It is a bad idea to put the land in perpetuity or a soil bank, or in any way lose control over it.

Q. What issue or project do you feel is of the utmost importance to the tribe at this time?

A. It is of utmost importance that the Tribe gets a strong business that makes income for the tribe. Of the five or six businesses that are prospective, I have the idea that there is very little likelihood of any of them being profitable to the Tribe any time soon.

Q. Describe a way in which you would plan to pursue the issue of the most importance to you.

A. First of all, I would build an Economic Development Group that is not made up of tribal council members or elected persons. I would completely separate the business operation from the government function. The document that outlines the economic development plan would be simple, but not simplicity; would not have a pre-determined imbedded plan for some person or persons to become the beneficiary of income generated; and the oversight of the Accounting Department would have the fiduciary responsibility.

Q. What is a personal accomplishment you are the most proud of?

A. I and my husband raised two daughters who are accountable citizens. They are able to fend for themselves, to think, plan and reason. They are accountable to God, not me.

Candidate Questions and Answers
Michelle Holley

Q: What is your primary passion within the Delaware Tribe? (Ex. Cultural, veterans, youth, business development, grants, etc.)

A: My primary passion is stability and growth for our Tribe. In order to attain this we need economic stimulus by way of both economic development and grant writing. Both elements go hand in hand to bring financial growth and stability to our Tribe.

Q: What expertise or work experience can you bring to the council table?

A: The expertise I bring to the Council spans a vast variety of experience in Tribal government from Self- Governance, Self- Determination, Federal Recognition and Tribal Sovereignty. I have developed strong government to government relations within both tribal, state and federal government. I have drafted legislation and ordinances such as the Tribal Seal Protection Ordinance to protect our seal from fraudulent and unauthorized usage. I worked on developing our National Historic Preservation Act: Section 106 Program in the Development, Expansion and Implementation of the Program. I have extensive experience in Grant Writing and Compliance, with a broad focus on USDA Rural Development Block Grant, HUD Indian Community Rural Development Block Grant, BIA Aid to Tribal Government and BIA 638 contract funding. As well as Community Outreach, Strategic Planning, Program Development such as the development of expanding the Tribes Indian Child Welfare and Child Support Services (Title IV), into a full encompassing Youth and Family Services Program. (This is a current project).

Q: In what ways do you feel your particular expertise or experience can make a difference for the tribe?

A: My expertise as listed in the above response can make difference for our Tribe financial stability and growth to our Tribe and expand community service programs to better assist our Tribal member’s needs. This will bring both prosperity for the tribe as a whole.

Q: What do you feel is working toward a positive direction within the current council’s endeavors?

A: The Grant Steering Committee, which I am a member of and contributing writer (pro bono) has shown continued success in attaining funding. The most recent has been the award of $247, 000 though the BIA funding focused on Climate Change Adaptation.

Q: What do you feel needs improvement within a current council endeavor?

A: The biggest improvement needed is to establish an Economic Development Board separate of the tribal government. This Board should not consist of tribal council members ,or any other tribal official, which creates a gross conflict of interest. Business endeavors should be done above board with full disclosure of who the business partners are in each venture. Full transparency should be a top priority.

Q: What issue or project do you feel is of the utmost importance to the tribe at this time?

A: In my opinion as a current council member the biggest issue at the moment has been the blatant disregard of the Constitution of the Delaware Tribe of Indians, the By-Laws and our Code of Conduct and abuse of power by tribal officials. Each of us took and oath to uphold our Constitution and should be held to that.

Q: Describe a way in which you would plan to pursue the issue of the most importance to you.

A: The best way to address this issue and concern is through reform.

Q: What is a personal accomplishment you are the most proud of?

A: Though there have been many accomplishments during my service to the Tribe, in my opinion the biggest accomplishment has been developing and expanding the 106 funding and passing a resolution to protect those funds by allocating percentages to cultural preservation as it is intended to be.