Order a Brick for the Delaware Tribe Memorial Garden

In the January 2014 DIN, then-Chief Paula Pechonick announced that in May of 2013 the Tribe proposed to open a Memorial Garden by the pond. “The area is intended to be a beautiful place to reflect on our loved ones and ancestors.”

In July 2014 the Elder Committee ordered the first bricks for the Memorial Garden. Since our initial brick order, we have added 8 new bricks for a total of 11 bricks, most of which families ordered for their loved ones. These include bricks for Alona Falleaf Mathis, Arthur Dean Randall, Bobby Lester Randall, Mary L. (Smith) Hatch, Ernest T. Bullette, Elder Committee 2014, William W. Baughman, Nathan L. Gibson, Robert R. “Bob” Ladd, James “Judge” Allen and Robert Terry Harper.

A sidewalk has been added around the pond and around the Memorial Garden which is in the shape of a turtle. The bricks frame the Memorial Garden. Benches have been added along with plants and trees to enhance the garden. Dana Murrell, Administrative Assistant to Chief Brooks, has spent many hours of her own time pulling weeds and cleaning up the Memorial Garden, making it something of which we can be proud.

Now you can order your own memorial brick. The bricks are 12 X 12 inches in size and pewter in color. Each brick can have up to 8 lines with up to 20 characters, punctuation and spaces for each line. The cost is $60.00 per brick.

» Memorial Brick Order Form

If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact Mary Randall, brick liaison at 918-337-6589 or email mrandall@delawaretribe.org.